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Recycling center specializing in used auto parts.

Engine and transmission

Professional installation of engines and transmissions guaranteed.


90-day warranty on all parts, excluding electronics

Used parts

Wide selection of used parts available here.

The strengths of RTA Auto Parts


RTA Pièces d’Auto focuses exclusively on used auto parts, offering cutting-edge expertise and a specialized catalog. This specialization can ensure that customers can easily find there parts here.

Quality and authenticity:

Each pre-owned part is rigorously tested and certified to ensure performance and durability, guaranteeing customers the purchase of high-quality, authentic components that maintain the standards of the original brand.

Sustainability and ecology:

By specializing in the recycling of used auto parts, RTA Pièces d’Auto offers a more environmentally-friendly solution by reducing the demand for new parts, thus helping to cut industrial production and reduce waste.

Exceptional customer service:

The company can offer personalized customer service with an attentive approach, giving customers expert advice to help them with their purchases and ensuring the best possible user experience.

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